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Discover Endless Adventures

Game Server Hosting, Lag-Free, High-Performance.


We're on a mission to provide a One-stop-shop for gaming community resources.

At Ascension Servers, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a phenomenal gaming experience. We make it our mission to create custom-built modded game servers that are not only reliable but seamlessly integrated. Our team works hard to make sure that everything runs smoothly, so you can focus on enjoying the game. With our modded servers, you can experience all of the excitement of your favorite games like never before!

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Uncompromisingly Awesome - Done for you - Modded Servers

About Us

Founded By: 

SuperSpartan & MiliTater

Welcome to Ascension Servers! We are dedicated to providing gamers with the best possible experience. Our servers are designed to meet the needs of players who are passionate about modded content and creating and using player-developed content. We strive to create a community of gamers who can connect with each other, build relationships, and share their gaming experiences. Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the world of gaming, we have the resources and expertise to help you achieve your gaming goals.

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Player Content Welcome

Now Recruiting 

Programers & Developers 

Join us at Ascension Servers to use your programming and modding skills to make an impact on the gaming world. Our platform offers exciting opportunities to develop innovative content and promote a thriving community. Learn more about our projects and how you can get involved.

Gamer Haven


Support provided 

Adding and Configuring Mods and APIS 

Get the best out of your gaming experience with our Integration services! We offer complete support in integrating and configuring your game mods and APIs, so that you can have focus on the adventure and never the frustration of incorporating your seamless player features into your games.

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This is only the beginning...

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Our Features 

A Different Approach, Using a New Method Gamer Led approach to Gaming

Experience a different approach to gaming with our gamer led and inspired development and services. We understand the importance of community input and collaboration, which is why our unique Gamer Led approach ensures that your gaming experience is tailored to your needs. Our team of experienced developers work to bring your ideas to life, creating games that are immersive, engaging, and truly remarkable.

Discover why we are the go-to for Quality gaming servers, APIs, and plugins. We deliver quality gaming services on time.

Quality Servers for Discounted Prices

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Discord Intergration

Our Discord integration allows you to connect with your community like never before. Ascension Servers is the ultimate destination for global gamers.

Unmatched Server Control

Our server control capabilities allow you to customize your community's experience like never before. 

Marketing Integrations

We provide Discord and online marketing integration services, from website design to paid advertising and related support, to help you grow your community.

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Core Modders 


Followers & growing 

& YOU!  

Join us & lead the change. 

Arma Reforger
Ark Survival Evolved
Myth Of Empires

Our Popular Games

Advancing your gaming experience.

7 days to Die
Conan Exiles
Video Game Cover Valheim


Our Collection

Spartan with Wings
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